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Pay2Sale is here to get your work done more easily and without much efforts put in by you. As we are the master of the Promotions thus you just need to hand it over to us and see how we put in Our Efforts to grow your business. You only need on the promotions of your business offline.

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Loyalty Programs

About Pay2Sale

We wish to have a Everlasting, Profitable Result Yielding Connectivity with Our Service seekers.

Who We Are?

We are a team of Enthusiast, Energetic and Innovation seeker souls who would be trying hard to get more Customers like you connected with Us so that it could produce more fruitful results.

Your satisfaction will pave the way for Our GROWTH.


Amazing Features

The solutions provided by Us are earned due to high input of Hard work and Consistency, so that You as Our Client could get the best of Pay2Sale.

Flexible Program

You can make customization according to your need and easiness. There are ample of customization features.

2x Revenue Generate

We expect to grow Your business at least 2 times from the level You handed it to Us. We would be giving in efforts accordingly.

Fully Automated Solution

In case You want to interact with Our system on Your own, no issue, You can do it without any hassle as its 100% automatic.

Cloud Based Solution

The software that we develop is saved on Cloud. This makes it to work on the optimized level and never let you down in any case.

Advanced AI Solution

Now is the time of Artificial Intelligence and we are buckled up for it. We provide you support on one of the advanced AIs so that that your results could get more closer to Your wishes and Our expectations.

Loyalty Program

The more You will associate with Us as Our Client the more We will be able to understand You and provide You with best possible services and can offer you more Benefits to grow Your Business as well.

24x7 Support

We are happy to help Our Clients during their preferred hours. So please feel free and discuss your issues with us.

Social Media Promotion

We are active and directed on the right path in order to give an effective and innovative solution to grow your business on the latest social platforms.


Our Step by Step Solution

You would get a Pre Planned Layout to increase Your sales. You will fulfill certain requirements and We will achieve the goals with those. Our efforts would include the following:


Understand Your Business Flow

We Love to learn Your business so as to provide You even better solution than even You would have applied. Information collected is discussed with Our Team and task are assigned accordingly. By this way, we understand your business problems and find best solution to grow your business.

Once we collect all information, we create a business plan for promotion.

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Native Mobile Application

A custom loyalty program is developed so as to reach most of the clients. And in case You have taken the step like getting mobile application ready, in that case we aim to get change so as to achieve optimal results from it.

Your customers would be encouraged to install the app. See the demo of Application. Its in Android & iOS platfroms.

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Web Admin Panel

The response of the customers are analysed closely and further plans are chalked out accordingly. You are kept updated with the help of control panel of loyalty program.

We developed a admin panel, where you can check the daily reports of Sales, Redeem points, Customer approach and many more. This admin panel fully features, who are specially developed only for your business.

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Social Meia Promotion

As you know, Social media is a power tool to get reach real customers and attract them. We use this powerful tool for your business. We not only setup a fully features loyalty program, we also help you to grow your business over social media. We cover almost all the social media platforms. Be it the famous name or the new bee in the arena of Social Media. We have Our presence everywhere. This will help Your business to grow more faster and it would help Us to achieve satisfaction.

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Powerful Loyalty Programs

We have introduced more innovative way to link and understand Our Clients more Effectively and Promptly. Welcome to the Loyalty Program.

Visit Base Program

You are a visitor on Our Platform and not Our Beloved Client yet, even then we will Love to provide you the benefits of Our "Loyalty Programs". Please keep in touch with Us.

Order Base Program

Here the higher no of orders from Clients will improve our working experience and we would be able to deal with more "on the spot" issues that would hone up Our skills.

Level Base Program

The more You will associate with Us as Our Client, the more We will be able to understand You and upgrade You in the "Level Up" programme, that will enhance Your experience with Us and You will also enjoy further benefits.

eCommerce Insight

We would provide you the in-depth analysis about the visit of Your Customer on your portal. His path would be shown to You for further analysis.

Tire Base Program

In order to simplify the things we have introduced Tier Based Programme. This will directly benefit You i.e. Our Customers. We would be able to generate more better services on the bases of classification done at Work Satisfaction, Rating, Plan adopted by Clients etc.

Point Base Programme

We have introduced it so as to involve more Client-to-Pay2Sale Team. The more points You earn the more We will be in contact.


Our Clients

Our clients are proud of us. They all special for us.



We offer Custom Quote!!! That means We offer the Best for You. Its Free!! Hurry up, to know, your best offer.

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We got you coverd, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

Loyalty Program is a customer promotion based program. Customer get special offers and discounts from the seller on make orders and refers to another the same.

We will check your business type and its user base. Its depend on the business type and type of user base. Please send us yur business details, we will get in touch As soon as possible.

Yes, its a gureenteed to grow your business 3X times. We will use a custom Loyalty program for you and apply for it.

Yes, we do social media marketing, but its only with our packge.

Yes, you can. We will setup the loyalty program as per your business type. But we will not any social media promotion for your business. and its less gureenteed to get 3x times sale grow.

We create the loyalty program and develop a mobile application alogn with web panel. Its a one time fees. After that we charge SMP ( Social media promotion) + maintaine fees monthly. As per your number of locations, we make best offer for you.


What our client says !

We proud of our client's. All clients are very speciall for us. Know what say's our clients about us!

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